Wheelroute.at offers routing for three different types of wheelchair users.

Routing Profiles:

Wheelchair Normal Wheelchair Electro Wheelchair Athletic
3 cm kerb height 3 cm kerb height 8 cm kerb height
80 cm width 90 cm width 70 cm width
3 % incline 10 % incline 12 % incline
6 % lateral incline 6 % lateral incline 12 % lateral incline
Routing Normal Routing Electro Routing Athletic
Barrier Map Normal Barrier Map Electro Barrier Map Athletic

Currently, only the city center of Graz is mapped in a detailed way in OpenStreetMap. Want your area to be routable too? Add separate sidewalks, kerbs, their incline and width to OSM!
The biggest part of the mapping was sponsored by In!tiativ.

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